The Revering Group LLC of Parkers Prairie, Minnesota has a dream; a dream that Parkers Prairie remains a growing, vibrant, hard working community that will stay true to its values and not sacrifice the quality of life that's been built here. This is our home. It can be your home as well. That's why we invite you to bring your family, your business, and your vision to Parkers Prairie.

The Revering Group is working closely with the city of Parkers Prairie in promoting economic development and is actively recruiting businesses to the community. Start your own business with a brand new building or expand your current operation. Draw skilled, hard working employees from Parkers Prairie and neighboring communities. We can even help with the financing. And when the job is done, enjoy a peaceful evening with your family and friends knowing your business is succeeding.

See what Parkers Prairie and the Revering Group has to offer. You'll be glad you did.